Vintage Dirty Lemon Gibson Finish

Gibson Les Paul Historic Makeovers RDS

The guitar arrived a day early. I impatiently tore open the box, opened up the case, and my goddess, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I was speechless then and I’m still speechless now.  Pictures do not do it justice, for people who is into music is a work of beauty.  There are so many tiny little details all over the guitar that I don’t even know where to start. I love all the little dings, nicks and scars, I love the way the checking is stained on this vintage guitar refinish, I love how the scratched on the neck pickup ring align with the scratches on the pick guard.  It’s incredible!
The color is unbelievable. It’s exactly what I had in mind.  The burst is so perfectly done that the transition from burst to the center is seamless. Just incredible. I can’t believe this is mine!
Thank you thank you thank you!
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1957 Les Paul Goldtop Refinish

Sometimes miracle happens… I have opened the case, and WOW!!! I am totally blown away! Once again, I am so glad we went that little bit extra with the distressing. It is now a perfect match to my ’53 Les Paul! You guys have made a super job on this guitar too, again! I will put it up to the test. Tonight is rehearsals with the boys in the band, and the goldtop will join me. Now it is time to give it my own marks… Once again, I am so happy to be so fortunate to be able to do business with you! It is a great pleasure!

feedback kris a

Feedback | Kris A

Having owned 3 original ‘bursts and 2 ’57 goldtops, I’m always skeptical of reproductions.  But my RDS is by far the best new guitar I’ve owned – it’s not even close.  The details are right, which none of the others are.  The workmanship is inspiring.  It plays like butter.  Plus Kim and his team were fantastic to work with.  They will create what you want.  I’m a tough grader and I can tell you without question you are in good hands with this team.  There’s only one problem:  you’ll want more than one…

Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback

Feedback | Mark F

The HM is the best feeling guitar I have ever held/played. There is just something about the action that is different from any factory or luthier setup I have experienced. I don’t even know if HM has a Plek machine, but the frets are perfect. I think the fact that Kim is a pro player and dials the setup in by playing the guitar for several hours certainly contributes… I intend for this to be my one and only guitar. I recently sold a CC #7 (Shanks) and have a 2013 R9 listed for sale currently. The tone of the HM is a little warmer than the Shanks; not better, just different. Sustain is really good as well. The Shanks didn’t really fall short per se. When I decided to get down to one, I decided to get the very best I could that was as close to a real burst as possible. The HM has the BRW board, more vintage-accurate aging, nitro, etc… Since I am only going to have one, I am glad it is the HM.

Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback

Feedback | Bill F

Well guys, I’ve been on the road since picking up this new HM and finally got home to give this a better test drive through my own amps. It has a woodier/twangier character than any of my other LPs – I get a lot more snap – don’t know if that’s the brazilion fb or hide glue or whatever, but it just feels and sounds more responsive than my other LPs. Very nice clarity too. The 59 spec neck is quite different from the typical reissue necks. For instance, my R9 starts similar at the nut but goes to .990 at the 12th, while this one is .920 at the 12th. It took me a couple of days to get completely comfortable with the neck, but now I can’t put it down… The finish… if you like the bright, flashy, high contrast flame you see on the newer reissues, that is not what you get here. They can do the flashy gloss finish if that’s what you prefer, but that’s not what’s intended if you opt for the full RDS. Mine looks like an old LP which looks nothing like what you see hanging in the shops. It’s more subdued… Bottom line is this turned out great for what I was looking for. You do get a different guitar back, which in my case was a good thing.

Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback

Feedback | Dan S

I’m glad I stretched to find the money to do these two like this. I love the soft feel of the thinner, nicer shaped neck with a much more comfortable, smaller heal and the brazillian board is hot up close… THE NECK IS JUST AMAZING… there is something about the feel and finish they put on it that makes it rest more comfortably in my hands when playing. Yeah maybe some of this is just in my head given I spent the money to do this, but the truth is I would have spent the money anyway just for the improvement in the looks and the aging… the guitar seems more resonant unplugged acoustically then my other Les Pauls. The weather checking and the little nicks here and there are exactly what I wanted. Not too much, but just an old well cared for guitar that doesn’t look over done as Gibson and others do… THESE GUYS destroyed my expectations and now when I look at and play my other guitars they are disappointing.