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Guitar Refinishing

At Historic Makeovers®, we take pride in using the same techniques and methods as Gibson in the mid to late 1950’s heyday of the Les Paul Sunburst. Each and every guitar that leaves our shop is hand worked and finished using materials from a bygone era of the guitar industry. The human element is a pivotal part of our guitar refinishing process, just as it was during the golden era of electric guitar building.  Inspired by the most sought after guitars ever constructed, we provide our customers with the same handmade, organic qualities of real vintage Gibsons. If you are looking for a guitar that not only looks vintage, but also feels, sounds, and acts like a real vintage instrument, this is the place for you. Get started by learning about our guitar refinishing process for transforming reissue Les Paul guitars.

Historic Makeovers

Send in your Gibson Historic Les Paul for a Makeover. Our team will upgrade and refinish your guitar with our vintage-inspired process using exclusive materials and finishing techniques.

Real Deal Series

Don’t have a Les Paul to send to us? Don’t want to wait? We have Makeovers already done and ready to ship. Check out Real Deal Series guitars – everything included in the deluxe package, and then some, with none of the waiting.

RetroSpec Guitar Parts

Outfit your guitar with the best quality parts, available from our RetroSpec® online store. Since 2008 we have developed and supplied the very best, most authentic vintage-inspired guitar products available, for restoration and upgrades.

Guitar Refinish & Makeover Feedback

Vintage Dirty Lemon Gibson Finish
The guitar arrived a day early. I impatiently tore open the…
i hjVdBS X
Sometimes miracle happens… I have opened the case, and WOW!!!…
feedback kris a
Having owned 3 original ‘bursts and 2 ’57 goldtops, I’m…
Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback
The HM is the best feeling guitar I have ever held/played. There…
Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback
Well guys, I’ve been on the road since picking up this new HM and finally got home to give this a better test drive through my own amps.