Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback

Feedback | Mark F

The HM is the best feeling guitar I have ever held/played. There is just something about the action that is different from any factory or luthier setup I have experienced. I don’t even know if HM has a Plek machine, but the frets are perfect. I think the fact that Kim is a pro player and dials the setup in by playing the guitar for several hours certainly contributes… I intend for this to be my one and only guitar. I recently sold a CC #7 (Shanks) and have a 2013 R9 listed for sale currently. The tone of the HM is a little warmer than the Shanks; not better, just different. Sustain is really good as well. The Shanks didn’t really fall short per se. When I decided to get down to one, I decided to get the very best I could that was as close to a real burst as possible. The HM has the BRW board, more vintage-accurate aging, nitro, etc… Since I am only going to have one, I am glad it is the HM.