Historic Makeovers Customer Feedback

Feedback | Dan S

I’m glad I stretched to find the money to do these two like this. I love the soft feel of the thinner, nicer shaped neck with a much more comfortable, smaller heal and the brazillian board is hot up close… THE NECK IS JUST AMAZING… there is something about the feel and finish they put on it that makes it rest more comfortably in my hands when playing. Yeah maybe some of this is just in my head given I spent the money to do this, but the truth is I would have spent the money anyway just for the improvement in the looks and the aging… the guitar seems more resonant unplugged acoustically then my other Les Pauls. The weather checking and the little nicks here and there are exactly what I wanted. Not too much, but just an old well cared for guitar that doesn’t look over done as Gibson and others do… THESE GUYS destroyed my expectations and now when I look at and play my other guitars they are disappointing.