Introducing the all new Exclusive Series

Historic Makeovers is proud to announce the addition of the all new Exclusive Series to our Retrospec line of vintage-style guitar parts. The Exclusive Series is a freshly retooled range of LP parts to retrofit Gibson Historic and Standard Les Paul guitars.

Retooled for the Exclusive Series:

  • Catalin Switch Tip
  • CAB Pickup Rings
  • Rolled Truss Rod Cover
  • Jack Plate
  • Switch Nut
  • Pickguard
  • ABR-1 Bridge with Foundry Mark
  • ABR-1 Wheels and Posts
  • Rhythm & Treble Ring

For over ten years, Retrospec has developed and supplied innovative parts based on vintage Les Paul parts. That innovation continues with the Exclusive series. Time, technology, better materials, new processes, vendors, and suppliers all come together for a more vintage experience. Highlights include Catalin switch tips made from the correct material with the correct color, bridges with softer edges and correct foundry marks, and CAB pickup rings that actually smell and feel like originals.

We invite you to explore the new Exclusive Series, only available at

Refinish Gibson Les Paul

Les Paul Guitar Refinish

The Historic Makeovers shop in Florida is one of the most sophisticated and experienced choices for vintage guitar refinishing and refinish work on modern guitars. A vintage correct thin nitrocellulose finish is at the heart of our Makeover process. Colors are matched to vintage Gibson guitars. Guitars are refinished in a custom spray booth by a dedicated painter completely focused on getting great results. The bulk of our business is refinishing Gibson Les Pauls, both vintage Les Pauls, and Historic Reissue guitars. We also refinish other new and vintage guitars, including ES-335, Flying V, Explorer, and many others.

Want a more vintage correct look for your Les Paul? Does your guitar need refinishing, aging, or distressing? Find out more about Historic Makeovers guitar refinishing.

Kluson Deluxe Keystone Tuner Tips

Vintage Guitar Parts

The RetroSpec store has been updated with the latest from our stash of reproduction vintage guitar parts. We have everything you need to outfit your Gibson Historic Les Paul with vintage correct guitar parts. Some key upgrades can really make all the difference. Check out:

Accurate “Les Paul MODEL” Headstock Silkscreen

We put the finishing touch on our Makeovers by screenprinting a vintage accurate Les Paul MODEL on the headstock. Kim LaFleur’s background in the screenprinting industry helps ensure a perfect result. Our screen is custom designed with the correct typeface and weight. We screen using the same gold paint we use to paint goldtops, just as Gibson did in the 1950’s. The result is a much more convincing and vintage accurate logo for your Makeover.


Vintage Les Paul Contour Gauges

At Historic Makeovers®, we often have vintage bursts in the shop for restoration and luthier work. Based on these guitars, we have created a series of contour gauges that map out the signature top carve of a late 1950’s Les Paul. We use these special tools to adjust the top carve on your Historic reissues to vintage spec. Small amounts of wood are removed until the contour matches the gauge – at that point we know your guitar is carved in the same shape as a 1959 burst.


Custom Guitar Spray Room

Enjoy a brief video tour of our new custom paint room for refinishing reissue and vintage guitars. We spared no expense to build the perfect space to apply our hand-tinted aniline dyes and unplasticized nitro cellulose lacquer finishes.

Retrospec Cellulose Nitrate Inlays

It has been and always will be our quest to refine our processes and materials so your Historic Makeover® will be second to none. Good just got better. We are very excited to now use the Retrospec Cellulose Nitrate Inlay material in all of our Historic Makeovers®. Working directly with Mazzucchelli (the original Italian manufacturer of the cellulose nitrate material Gibson used in the 50’s), we were able to refine the inlay color using vintage 50’s Les Pauls as reference to achieve the correct warm, ambered hue as well as the pattern from the late 50’s. Les Paul fingerboard inlays are in our Retrospec store.