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Feedback | Dan S

I’m glad I stretched to find the money to do these two like this. I love the soft feel of the thinner, nicer shaped neck with a much more comfortable, smaller heal and the brazillian board is hot up close… THE NECK IS JUST AMAZING… there is something about the feel and finish they put […]

Custom Guitar Spray Room

Enjoy a brief video tour of our new custom paint room for refinishing reissue and vintage guitars. We spared no expense to build the perfect space to apply our hand-tinted aniline dyes and unplasticized nitro cellulose lacquer finishes.

Retrospec Cellulose Nitrate Inlays

It has been and always will be our quest to refine our processes and materials so your Historic Makeover® will be second to none. Good just got better. We are very excited to now use the Retrospec Cellulose Nitrate Inlay material in all of our Historic Makeovers®. Working directly with Mazzucchelli (the original Italian manufacturer […]